Contact Houston Lawyer To Lift The Arrest Warrant Against You

Generally, an arrest warrant is issued after a person fails to pay an amount that has been agreed and set by the court or if a person fails to appear before the court or turns up late for a scheduled court appearance. Most citizens do not wish to present themselves before the court because they do not want to go through the pain of visiting the courts frequently. They just go ahead and pay the fine because they do not know what else can be done or because they are scared of inviting legal action from the courts. Apart from the fear factor, people are also often misinformed by government agencies, such as DPS and court personnel. This misinformation forces these people to pay the fine and plead guilty to violations for which they are in fact innocent.

According to the warrant lawyer Houston, he has come across many cases where his clients were told that they would be arrested or prohibited from having their license renewed or reinstated if they didn’t pay the fine. According to the lawyer this is simply not true. Therefore, if a person is issued a warrant, he should immediately contact the lawyer. Failing to do so would result in the person paying the fine, but this will result in an conviction showing-up in that person’s records. Once the convictions appear, the case becomes very weak and there is little that can be done. A surcharge will also be levied on that person’s driver’s license for certain offenses such as lack of insurance and lack of driver’s license.

Even if that person has insurance, the State will a surcharge of over $750. This would be payable on top of the fine amount. Therefore, it is evident that it is in the court’s and state’s interest to encourage the payment of fines through the use of arrest warrants. It is therefore wise to contact the traffic attorney Harris County who would be able to post bond and remove arrest warrants. By posting bonds the client will have two advantages… (1) The arrest warrant will be lifted and the clients will be able to live without fear while the lawyer fights the case and (2) The client will retain the right to fight the case and keep the offense off his driving records and also avoid being victimized by the system.

Similarly, if you are stuck in a drug possession case and are being victimized by frequent illegal searches and are suppressed by the court by inaccurate warrants, the drug possession lawyer Houston will help you come out of this legal mess.

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